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Find Joy And Purpose 
Amidst Life’s Ups And Downs

Release the pain of the past and welcome a future full of happiness.

After a big loss, many people get stuck in emotional overwhelm.

Do you struggle with:

  • Indecisiveness plaguing your every decision?

  • Bearing the weight of self-unforgiveness?

  • An inability to cope?

  • Declining emotional and physical well-being?

  • Feeling imprisoned by grief?


You deserve a life filled with joy, even in the aftermath of loss.

Align With Your Purpose

Regain the confidence to make decisions that align with your heart’s desire.

Find Forgiveness

Experience peace with yourself and others, letting go of past


Embrace Your Power

Tap into your inner strength and intuition to guide you through

life’s journey.

I get it. Adapting to a new life reshaped by loss is hard.

I know you long to be a purposeful person. In order to do that, you need to let go of the pain anchoring you to the past. The problem is, after a significant loss, many people find themselves engulfed in emotional overwhelm, leaving them feeling adrift and directionless.


My journey through grief began when I lost my husband, plunging me into the depths of sorrow. Despite the despair, I clung to the belief that joy and purpose were still within reach. This conviction propelled me to not only navigate my own path out of grief but to dedicate my life to helping others do the same.


Over the last decade, I've tailored a program specifically for individuals like you, guided by both my personal experiences and professional expertise. This unique blend ensures a compassionate, empathetic approach to finding joy and meaning in life again.

Here’s what sets my approach apart.

  • Personal Triumph: My personal journey through grief provides me with an intimate understanding of loss. This empathy and insight shape a supportive space where healing begins.

  • Customized Healing Paths: Recognizing the deeply personal nature of grief, I offer tailored strategies that honor your individual healing journey, fostering genuine progress.

  • Empowerment and Joy: Beyond traditional coping mechanisms, I introduce practices that not only alleviate pain but also empower you to seize joy, transforming daily existence into a celebration of resilience.

I invite you to step into a life where joy isn’t just a fleeting visitor but a permanent resident. Schedule a call with me, and together, let’s transform grief into a force that propels you toward a purposeful, joy-filled future.

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Years Industry Experience

Here’s how it works

Book a Dream-Builder Discovery Call

Start by booking a strategy session to define your healing path.

Join My Dream
Builder Program

Engage deeply and rebuild your life with guidance and support.

Live With Purpose
and Joy

Live fully and experience joy in every moment.


“My aspirations are taking shape much sooner than expected.”

Woman in Grey Sweater

A year into Jan’s program, and my aspirations are taking shape much sooner than expected. Her mentorship has been invaluable.



Jan transformed my vision into reality. Her Dream Builders curriculum was a beacon during my darkest times, guiding me towards profound personal and professional growth.



Happy Woman

Jan’s coaching was a lifeline after losing my son. Learning to shift my thoughts has guided me through grieving; I’m forever grateful.



Don’t keep living in the dark shadow of the past.

You don’t have to carry the weight of your grief alone.


Together, we'll navigate through the pain of your loss so you can find joy and purpose again.

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